a choose your own adventure story

Author: kahbbie

[command] Unknown [/command]

You feel your battery being charged by a mass amount of solar energy. You observe an unfamiliar world, now only consisting of desert and decay. It is warm. You decide it is finally time to explore the once forest surrounding you. [End] [Restart]

[command] Terminate [/command]

You launch at and terminate the strange Human. The Human and many more of it comes for you. You are told to power down. You resist. You are terminated. [End] [Restart]

[command] Return to Lab [/command]

You decide that the forest is not worth exploring any further and by reversing your path you head back to the lab.
[option “unknown”]
[option “unknown”]

[command] Friend Request [/command]

You approach the Human and extend your arm, shaking it slightly. The Human displays amused facial expressions and shakes your hand. [Friend Acquired: Human] You follow it to it’s home. It wraps your body in warm but strange fabrics and the two of you complete […]

[command] Wander [/command]

You wander until you spot a strange Human from behind a bush. Your sensors indicate you haven’t been spotted yet by it. [option: “Hide from the Human”] [option: “Friend Request”] [option: “Terminate”]

[command] Null [/command]

You continue to upgrade your tent, making it perfectly warm to your body every season. The
lab and the Human are far behind you.

[command] Friend Request [/command]

You observe the squirrels before skittering out of the tree and returning with as many acorns you can fit in your arms. In response the squirrels sit close to you and on top of your head dome. You feel their warmth. You fetch more acorns […]

[command] Settle Down [/command]

You stop in a you- sized clearing and begin arranging fallen branches and leaves into a tent shape. The leaves are warm from the sun and you wrap yourself in them. This must be what comfort feels like. [option list: Disabled] [continue]

[command] Where are you? [/command]

You continue to skitter around the forest when it occurs to you that you have no indication
of where you are. A navigation program would be useful now, but you don’t have one.
[option: “Hide from the Human”]
[option: “Wander”]
[option: “Return to lab”]

[command] Null [/command]

You are thrown around by the water until your body adjusts and you are able to swim into an open, peaceful stretch of water. Surprisingly your pleasure senses are activated and your battery doesn’t seem to be losing charge. You make the lake your new […]